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Early beginnings: 1944-1977

The SECO story began in 1944 when Ivan Ogden, a civil engineer for the State of California Division of Highways, developed polio.

Prior to his illness, he worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, including a stint as a surveyor on the Bay Bridge. After his illness, Ivan

was confined to a wheelchair and unable to return to traditional work, so he began repairing survey transits in his home.

Soon, thereafter, Ivan and his wife, Viola, opened a retail surveying business called Ogden Surveying Equipment Company

(OSECO) on Elvas Avenue in Sacramento. It offered instruments, equipment, supplies and services for land surveyors. Following

his dad into the business, Paul Ogden opened his first retail store, Surveying Equipment Company (SECO), in Redding, CA in 1965.

Over the next 12 years the company opened retail branches in Medford and Bend, Oregon as well as Boise, Idaho.

Manufacturing and Innovation: 1977-2017

In 1977, Paul Ogden established a new corporation, SECO

Manufacturing Company, Inc., to focus on manufacturing rather

than retail.

This came about through the invention of a new survey

technology: the electronic distance measuring (EDM) instrument,

which quickly replaced the traditional method of using a steel

measuring tape. A survey that once took days or weeks with

conventional equipment would now take seconds with the

electronic mechanisms. The Ogden retail business sold this new

instrument, which was housed in a box-like case that mounted on

the telescope of the survey transit (theodolite). The mount was

awkward and damaging to the instrument, but there was nothing

else available.

Paul started experimenting with adapters and a yoke that would

allow the surveyor to mount the distance meter to the standards

(sides) of the instrument, thus freeing the telescope to move

freely. The production of yoke adapters, as they were then called,

would lead the Ogdens into the manufacturing industry.

SECO Manufacturing Co., today enjoys a worldwide reputation for being on the cutting edge

of manufacturing accessories for surveying, construction, utilities and other industries using

GPS/GNSS technology. It started as a father-son retail enterprise, more than 70 years ago.

SECO Manufacturing – 40 Years of Innovation – 72 Years of Inspiration

product shipped from the US warehouse only