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In the Field with SECO

In 1978, shortly after incorporation as SECO Manufacturing, Paul rented a small exhibit space

at a national surveyors trade show and displayed several of his aluminum adapters. By then

there were scores of competing EDM instruments on the market and each one had

a different contour and configuration where the mount attached. SECO offered

adapters for any instrument. The response allowed SECO to drop its retail business

and concentrate on manufacturing products for the survey industry, starting with

the yoke adapters.

Many things have changed

since 1977. The electronic

distance measuring box

has been replaced with the “total station” which integrates the distance

device with the theodolite. This created a need for numerous other

accessories such as poles that would hold the glass prism for the distance

meter, carrying cases, tripods, etc. The pioneering yoke adapter was

officially discontinued in 1995.

The company has continued its tradition of innovation. SECO product

managers are known for coming up with solutions for any kind of field

requirement for survey, construction, mining and energy industries. It’s

also become a world-wide supplier of these products, with dealers in

almost every continent.

SECO, with corporate headquarters based in Redding, CA, controls all

facets of its manufacturing business. The company is

vertically integrated, managing the entire process

in-house, using its multiple manufacturing

facilities. With sites in North America and

Europe, SECO controls the process from design to the manufacturing of goods. The multiple sites

also assist in the distribution and service for the products.

In 2013, SECO acquired GeoDesy, a company based in Hungary that is well-known for supplying

high-end tribrachs to the survey and construction industries.

Precision manufacturing, quality focus, and skilled workmanship provide consistency

to always meet and exceed customers’ expectations. SECO’s continued goal is to be

the best accessories supplier for surveying and construction markets. This ongoing

mission will ensure that investing in SECO brand products will remain the smartest

investment for productivity and longevity in the field.

product can also be shipped from our European warehouse