Do you need COVID Signage?


A&D is supporting businesses as we adjust to the new normal caused by COVID-19.


We’re here for you.  We can help produce the COVID signage that will help your business run smoothly.


As you focus on your business priorities, let A&D’s signage experts help prepare your facilities for the arrival of employees, customers, and visitors.  As your partner, we can handle the printing of many types of signage.  We will suggest the best solutions to promote a safe and healthy work environment.


Depending on the nature of your business, interior and exterior physical locations need to be considered while creating a safe space for employees, customers, and guests.  We recommend walking through your facility to determine the best signage locations that will provide a safe and healthy work environment.  Here are a few examples of signs and locations:

Open for business / New hours

Let your staff and customers know that you’re happy to welcome them back. Whether you have fixed hours or variable, need permanent or erasable surfaces, we have the solution.

Pick-up / Delivery / Takeout / Curbside / Contact-Free

Many restaurants and other retail stores are providing contact-free deliveries only, or as an option for those wishing to avoid interior spaces.

Stay home if you feel sick

Ask your employees, customers, and visitors to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 by staying home if they are not feeling well, especially if they have certain symptoms.

Social distancing / 6 ft apart / Maximum capacity

Stay safe, avoid crowding, and keep your distance.  Promote social separation in enclosed areas.

Mask / PPE

CDC guidelines call for mask-wearing in public indoor settings, and in some cases, for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Way-finding / Directional

One-way directions and signs showing where to enter, wait, sit, and stand to increase social distance while enabling efficient circulation through space.