Training Video Library

RTC 360 Scanner

RTC 360 - First setup and moving the scanner using VIS

RTC 360 - Fourth setup without using VIS

RTC 360 - Second setup and linking scans

RTC 360 - Setting up the scanner on a tripod

RTC 360 - Third setup and the tagging of information

RTC 360 - Importing data into cyclone REGISTER 360

GS18 I

GS18i - Part 1 - Capture an image group

GS18i - Part 2 - Measuring points from images

GS18i - Part 3 - Adding and removing points in images

GS18i - Part 4 - Using Infinity to process images

Captivate Software

Total Station Specific

Introduction to Robotic Total Stations

PowerSearch Filter

Setup - Set Orientation

Setup - Height Transfer

Automatic Target Aiming

Dynamic Lock- MS60

Setup - Known Backsight

Setup - Orientate to Line

Automatic Target Lock


Setup - Multiple Backsights

Check and Adjust Calibration for Total Stations and Multistations

PowerSearch (Overview)

Setup - Overview

Setup - Resection

Measure Foresight Tool

Getting Started

GS Sensors - Out of the Box

TS/MS - Out of the Box

Home Screen

3D viewer (Overview)

3D viewer (Overview)

How To Create a New Job

How to Use Working and Control Jobs

DXF Files (Importing Method)

DFX Files (Attaching Method)

Import a Simple ASCII File into a Job

Import an XML File into a Job

Turning on the CS35 for the First time

Infinity Software

- Services - How to use the Procore Service

- Services - How to use the ArcGIS online service

- Imaging Module- How to work with GS18 I data

- Home Module - How to create a flythrough

- Processing Module - How to process a traverse and update stations

- Services - How to use Bentley Projectwise

- Surfaces Module - How to create comparison maps

Infinitely Connected

- UAV Processing Part 1 - Import and orient Aibot data

- UAV Processing Part 2 - Add GCP's and update orientation

- UAV Processing Part 3 - Create dense point cloud, DSM and orthophoto

- Point Clouds - How to work with point clouds

- Feature Coding Part 1 - How to create a code table and codelist

- Feature Coding Part 2 - How to use blocks and layers with code

- Feature Coding Part 3 - How to use custom line styles

- Feature Coding Part 4 - How to process features and export to CAD

- Services - Autodesk BIM 360

Infinity Software overview 2018

- Processing - GNSS Baselines

- Processing - Level Data

Manual input of road data including cross sections

- Infrastructure - Road data imported from Autodesk Civil3D

- Infrastructure - Road data from CAD polylines

- Infrastructure Module - Roads - Create material surface - Export to Leica ConX

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